Plating Module

PLATING INNOVATIONS design and build Hard Chrome Plating Plants for bars and tubes. We design machines adopting the Continuous Plating Technology, which is the new trend in the Hard Chrome Plating field. After designing several models of Continuous Plating Machine PLATING INNOVATIONS developed his own proprietary system named Through Feed Plating®. This new system brings out and optimizes all the potential advantages of the Continuous Plating technology.

Another great advantage of our equipment is the design based on the concept of the “Plating Module” which is the part of the plant where the plating takes place. The Basic Unit is designed with Loading and Unloading Systems and one plating module. It is possible to increase the productivity simply adding more modules in the same plating plant. There is no need of purchasing another chrome plating plant in order to redouble your production. With our design it is possible to increase the productivity with reasonable costs and fast return of the investment. Another main advantage of our technical solutions is that the chrome layer quality will be improved by the multiple layers deposit.
Our units don’t need any special installing preparation. They are placed directly on the ground, no digging or other preliminary work being necessary. These peculiarities are extremely valuable because:

  • It is easy to fit the production required
  • It is easy and fast to step-up the production of already installed plating lines
  • It is easy and costless to apply a double or triple chrome layer for an enhanced corrosion resistance

We can supply a wide range of models adopting any of the above mentioned technologies: Continuous Plating or Through Feed Plating®, it depends from on your company needs.

continuous plating

PI_50_150_1L_Basic “Through Feed Plating”

hard chrome plating plant

PI_100_300_1L Basic “Through Feed Plating”

hard chrome plating plant

PI_20_100_4L Basic “Through Feed Plating”


The loading and unloading system is based on the same modular concept. To work out-standard rods with our plating plants becomes easy because there are no limitation in maximum workable length.
At present our units cover a wide range of diameters from 8 up to 300mm distributed as follows in different models:

  • PI_8_35 for bars and tubes from 8 up to 35mm oD
  • PI_20_100 for bars and tubes from 20 up to 100mm oD
  • PI_50_150 for bars and tubes from 50 up to 150mm oD
  • PI_100_300 for bars and tubes from 100 up to 300mm oD

chiaviWe are open to customize our products to better fit
your production demand and technical requirements.
We offer Turnkey solutions for your business.