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Unevenness in Conventional Plating

Conventional System
The power is supplied at the ends of the bar, therefore the deposit layer is very uneven due to the not balanced current density on the surface. Resize by grinding is often necessary.

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Accuracy in Through Feed Plating

Very precise deposits are obtained in thickness, concentricity and longitudinal evenness. Our system with hundreds of rotations of the rod inside the anodes section allows the perfect evenness of the deposit all around the circumference from end to end. All the plating parameters are constantly controlled by the PLC.

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High Quality Hard Chrome layer

In our system the solution concentration is always constant thanks to a metering pump controlled by the PLC.At the same time, the high-efficiency cooling system prevents the solution from becoming locally overheated, which is, in fact, an unavoidable occurrence when a dip plating is used. A flushing device continuously supply with fresh electrolyte at the right concentration and temperature the cathode interface. This allows the perfect plating conditions any time and prevent burn marks. The result is a perfect deposit in metal structure and microcracks distribution.